Noblesville Township Trustee
Office & Community Center

Community Center Rental

The Noblesville Township Community Center is available 7 days-a-week for receptions, showers, birthday parties and more for up to 90 people. The Center's main room is approximately 1440 square feet.  Use of the room includes twenty (20) 60-inch round tables, six (6) 6-foot rectangular tables and 100 chairs. The Center also has a kitchen with microwave, oven and refrigerator/freezer, bathrooms and closet for coats. Cleaning supplies are available for required post-event cleanup.   


Prices per day
Live in Noblesville Township                   Out of Township                        Age 65 or over/military/city or county employees Events of 2 hours or less OR charity fundraisers               
$70 $130 $60 $35— out of Township $70

A $50 Deposit will hold your date. The deposit can be returned, if

  1. your event is not cancellled within 10 days of the date;
  2. the key is returned within two business days of the event;
  3. no damage is made to the facility


In considerate for the use of the Community Center located at 372 S.8th Street in Noblesville, the undersigned hereinafter referred to as "USER" and the Noblesville Township Trustee agrees as follows:

1) The undersigned User agrees that all rules and regulations of Noblesville Township will be strictly complied with and specifically agrees that all persons present or using said facility by virtue of this agreement will comply wih said rules.

2) No damage of any kind will be done to the facility by the undersigned hereby agrees to be responsible for any reasonable attorney fees that may be incurred by Noblesville Township to enforce this Agreement or to recover any damages done to the facility by the undersigned or by any persons present by the virtue of the undersigned using said facility.

3) The undersigned User and its individual representative signing this Agreement, individually, agree to assume all risks of loss, damage, or injury to persons or property by reason of the condition of the facility and hereby release Nobesville Township from all claim for losses to property, to personal injury said facility. Persons for whom sustained by the undersigned organization or individual or by any other person uing said facility. Persons for whom the undersigned User will not accept responsibility will be denied admission and promptly repeorted to a security officer on duty.

4)The undersigned User agrees to be in charge of, and responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance while using the facility. Persons for whom the undersigned User will not accept responsibility will be denied admission and prompptly reported to a Police Officer.

5) The undersigned User agrees that, to cancel a reservation, a notice must be received in writing at least seven days prior to the scheduled event.The parties agree if the User fails to notify Noblesville Township in the specified time ther will result in a User charge.

6) The undersigned User agrees that, NON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed in the Community Center. 

7) The undersigned User agrees that, the event shall NOT last beyond 11pm on Monday thru Saturday and 9pm on Sunday.

8) A deposit of $50 is expected immediately when reserving in person. The full rental amount is due within 7days after the deposit is received to complete the reservation. Phone reservations will be honored for 2 business days. The deposit and rental fee must then be paid or the reservation will be cancelled.