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We offer many services to help Noblesville residents.

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  • If you live in Noblesville Township.
  • If you are in disconnect on your utility bills.
  • If you are behind in rent.
  • If you need help with your Medications.
  • If you need burial assistance with a family member.
  • If you need school supplies for your children.
  • If you need food assistance.


Monday 9:00-4:00
Tuesday 9:00- 4:00
Wednesday 9:00-4:00
Thursday 9:00-4:00
Friday 9:00- 3:00
Saturday & Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed
We are open during lunch hours.

How to Find Us

We are located off of South 8th Street and Division we are across from the Model Mill Building on Division. We have a flag pole in front of our office. We are a small red building next to a large red brick building.

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Help Us Reach our Goals

Food Drive

Food Pantry
Toys for Tots Fundraiser

Your donations go to helping fellow Noblesville Residents with their needs.

* Rent Assistance
*Utility Assistance
*Food Pantry
*Care for abandoned cemeteries
*Weed Control
*Prescription Medications
*Burial Assistance
*Emergency Shelter
* Payee Program
*Funds for Township Fire Dept.
* Summer Recreation Program
* Children's Program

We are now collecting money for the Red Stocking Fund. We use this fund for the needs of Noblesville Township children. We spend approximately $10,000 a year on clothes, medicines, shoes, school supplies, lice kits and much more for children in Noblesville Township. Donate Now